Apply to become a Mentor

Hello, Welcome!
On this page you can apply to become a member of our Mentor team.

Mentor team? Whats that? Something you eat?
No, its not something you eat, Its a team of experienced players who will try to assist the other players ingame with their questions.
Also, at the same time keep an eye if everyone is playing nice ensuring a pleasant playing enviroment.

Sounds good and all, but whats in it for me?
Well, of course this is something people volunteer to do. A possibility to help someone else online with stuff you have long figured out.
Besides that fantastic feeling of helping people, we do also give you a little thank you gift from time to time.
Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of our team? Fill in the form and we will contact you!

What do we minimally expect of you?

  • A minimum age of 18
  • A good understanding of the English language
  • The patience to deal with players who might sometimes be furious due to several reasons.
  • Overall good behavior ingame, We cannot have troublemakers be an example for other players.
  • The ability to keep a secret. We request everyone not to reveal that they are volunteers for this program.
On what e-mail address can we reach you?
For which game are you applying to be a Mentor?
On which platform is this game?
On Which server of this game are you currently playing?
What is your character name on this server.
Have you ever been a mentor before
(or a similar role somewhere else)

What is your motivation for becoming a Mentor?
What Country and timezone are you from?
How old are you:
How many hours can you spend helping out weekly? Hours
Do you speak(/write) any other language beside English?